Erskine Bowles and Richard Vinroot: Legislators’ efforts put UNC system’s reputation in peril

The N&O highlights calls for a “balanced and independent” governing board

The News & Observer’s Jane Stancill recently highlighted our efforts to reform the way our state’s universities are governed.

A group of prominent university supporters and former board members are banding together to call out the UNC Board of Governors for “meddling and micromanaging” North Carolina’s 17 public university campuses to the point of endangering the future of higher education in the state, according to a statement signed by dozens.

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Making it work with UNC’s Board

Mary Sue Coleman, a proud UNC graduate and current president of the Association of American Universities, shared a powerful editorial on the Higher Education Works website.

“The mounting pressures on public higher education are taking a dangerous toll on our best institutions and their leaders in ways that call for concerted and thoughtful reevaluation of institutional oversight,” Coleman writes. “The boards of these institutions have a responsibility to ensure that they are working to empower the institutions’ leadership, not undermine it. UNC is hardly an outlier but rather is the latest in a troubling trend of poor board governance.” 

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